Visual artist, graphic designer, illustrator and workshop leader. Graduate Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wroclaw. Loves working with people, traveling and good life. Currently living and working in Bergen, Norway.

Individual exhibitions

February 2014 Kolor–reinkarnacja (Color–reincarnation), collage, Cafe Rozrusznik Wrocław
April 2014Jabłka, pestki i fistaszki (Apples, drupels and peanuts), painting, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Wrocław
May 2014 Illustrations for Wroclove Design Festival 2014, Main Railway Station, Wrocław
August 2014 Składniki grafiki (Graphics' elements), collage, Vinyl Cafe, Wrocław
August 2015 – Bez tytułu (No title), collage, Cocofli, Wrocław
July 2017 – Kolaże–gwiazdozbiory (Collages–constallations), collage, Gniazdo Cafe, Wrocław

Group exhibitions

December 2016 – Student graphics of Academy of Fine Arts and Design , paper collages, Kolektyf Gallery, Wrocław
January 2017 – Postęp prac (Work in progress), graphic design,, BWA Dizajn Gallery, Wrocław